It feels like forever since we made the decision to temporarily close when fears of COVID-19 arrived. As you can imagine we were ecstatic to hear the news that we can reopen our pool for you all to visit.

The good news is, we took the decision to keep the pool running throughout the lockdown period. There is a lot of water (72,000 litres to be precise) in our pool and it takes a long time to empty, refill and reheat, so rather than do that, we’ve kept it running all the time. The big advantage to this, is that we know there are no nasties in the system as our cleaning and filtration systems have never stopped. The pool water has been circulating through the filters, through the UV system and through the auto-dosing station just as it does when in use. Great news for everyone looking forward to getting back into the water. All we need to do is open the pool cover, double-check with some more manual pool tests and we’re good to go!

Our weekly maintenance schedule has kept the rest of our systems in tip-top condition. It might seem a little odd, but we’ve been flushing through the water taps, flushing the toilets, running the coffee machine and hot water boiler to ensure the water stays moving. We all know that standing water can cause all sorts of bacterial growth and so we have put high importance on a good maintenance programme to avoid any complications. (I especially enjoyed keeping the coffee machine in good working order – and vouch that it still makes a great cup of coffee!)

As well as the ongoing maintenance, we have been fixing little niggles here and there. Our white and yellow car parking lines have been totally redone and are looking much smarter, but we’ve been badly let down by our landscaping contractor, so there’s still no grass! It’s getting later and later in the year and we might need to start looking elsewhere if there’s no progress, so if anyone has a landscaping business, or knows of a good one, feel free to drop us a line.



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